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Portfolio Intelligence

Pelion tracks and analyzes the property portfolio of over 400 REITs and real estate funds. Investors, developers, and analysts rely on us to underpin their real estate strategy.

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Powerful Search

Look up 400+ property owners by market,
sector, property type, and asset class focus

Advanced Mapping

Compare multiple portfolios or map out the entire market with ease

AI-powered Transcript

Leverage REIT earnings transcripts to gain insights from the top investors

Demographic Ready

Visualize and compare portfolio demographic profiles with ease


Intelligent Real Estate Strategy

Commercial real estate portfolio intelligence to underpin your investment strategy
Pelion Real Estate Intelligence
Intuitive design engineered to deliver the insights you need quickly
Built for both the high-level executives and detailed-oriented analysts in mind
Powerful mapping capabilities to drive actionable insights
Constantly updated database for real-time decision-making

Full coverage of 300+ North American REITs at your fingertips

  • Access full coverage of 300+ North American REIT operators’ asset map
  • Scan co-investment, JV, merger/divestiture opportunities
  • Assess portfolio quality through advanced mapping tools

Screen deals more effectively with advanced demographic analysis

  • Equip acquisition teams with property and market insights
  • Identify where institutional capital is being deployed
  • Uncover potential partners and perform due diligence with confidence

Turbo-charge your retail strategy with competitive intelligence

  • Equip leasing team with competitive intelligence
  • Identify market gaps to optimize site planning and retail efforts
  • Uncover and anticipate your competitors’ real estate strategy

Due diligence with confidence and price loans more effectively

  • Identify risk exposures to a given sector or geography
  • Determine and monitor market health in real-time
  • Develop new and strengthen existing relationships with borrowers

Augment your investment strategy with spatial analysis

  • Dive deep into a REIT’s portfolio with advanced market intelligence
  • Turbo-charge NAV and cap rate analysis with spatial and demographic data
  • Gain/mitigate exposure to a given sector or geography with ease

Advanced, presentation-ready analytics to answer critical questions

From analyzing a REIT’s portfolio quality to answering where best to open your next retail location, our platform can help turbo-charge your real estate strategy and drive your organization forward

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We used to spend 80% of our time gathering, updating, and maintaining our data. That leaves 20% for analyzing. Pelion flipped that around for us.

Managing Partner, $500M CRE Fund

Pelion gave us the ability to look up the property portfolio of potential acquisition targets in seconds. It's been an incredible tool we use daily when screening and diligencing. Great stuff.

Jeffrey C.VP, Acquisitions | Private CRE Fund | Diversified

The non-GAAP metrics are great. It came in very handy when benchmarking ourselves against peers. We have recommended you guys to others.

Matt G.Director, Investor Relations | Public REIT | Shopping Center

We go to Pelion first to diligence borrowers. The ability to visualize a client's property portfolio on a map and get a detailed breakdown of the demographic profile is brilliant. We display it in conference room meetings all the time.

Eva C.Senior Analyst, Commercial Lending | Real Estate Investment Banking

We never thought of using REIT as an indication of market quality. Thanks for introducing that to us. That coupled with the demographic data has been a powerful litmus test so far.

Zachary R.Director, Finance & Strategy | Private Owner-Developer | Diversified

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