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The world is a chessboard,
and real estate its pieces.

At Pelion, we view the world as a chessboard and real estate as its pieces. Those who are situationally aware, can strategize, and anticipate the moves are well-positioned to win. Our platform is designed to help CRE professionals do exactly this – to equip them with the insights that win.

Pelion is owned by Alphabridge Group, a corporate finance and strategy consultancy based in Vancouver, Canada.

Data is at the forefront of our business. We use machine learning and AI to compile data from disparate, proprietary, and public sources to equip you with the information you need to discern the competition and strategize your next moves. Across the globe, the most active investors, lenders, brokers and advisors depend on Pelion’s unique insight to formulate their strategies, source new opportunities, and execute their deals.

Unparalleled Breadth

Our coverage spans every type of property owner. From regional, private owner-developer to multi-national real estate investment trust (REITs), we cover every property type available ranging from logistical warehouses to life science laboratories. Every data point is meticulously researched and verified by our teams. Our platform then turns this data into powerful analytics and visualizations that enable clients to analyze, strategize, and underpin their decisions ranging from competitive analysis to mergers & acquisitions.

Pelion is relevant to anyone who works in commercial real estate. We are proud to work with leading the largest funds, investors, corporates, developers, brokers, and lenders.

Become a Data Partner

Leading investors and lenders use our platform to screen for investment opportunities. Consequently, many of our subscribers contribute their firm’s data to gain visibility on our platform and to keep their data up-to-date.

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